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Welcome to my poetry pages.  My poems reflect my heart, they are about my hopes and dreams, my love for God, family and friends. I hope they will encourage you to laugh and cry, praise God and just feel happy.  Come back often,

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   Just A Glimpse
Blood Coated Flag Let The Mind Of The Master
Church Family Prayer For The Aged
Focus On Jesus Praising His Name

God Owns The Land 

Rapture Of The Saints
God's Handiwork

Suffer For Him

Guard Your Heart Thank You Jesus 
 He's Alive The Mind Of A Child
If I Knew Then    This Old Earth Is Groaning
Jesus Is Enough  When We Sit Down With Jesus

Inspirational 5

All The Way Divine Appointment
Almost Heaven: WV Don't Take It For Granted
Another Touch In Remembrance Of Thee 
A Talk With God Little Country Church
Best Friend The Kind Of God You Are
Breaking The Heart Of God The Rain Will Stop
But For The Grace Of God The Ultimate Gift
Can You See Me Now  This Glorious Morn
Citizen Of Heaven Today I Conquered A Mountain
Defended By God's Own Son Ye Have Done It Unto Me

Inspirational 4

Eternal Destination

None Greater
God Gave A Vision Not An Accident

God's Family

Party Hearty
God's Glory Reflected Praise Him
His Cruel And agonizing Death Remind Me Of My Past
His Name Is High And Mighty Resting Place
If You Could Turn Back Run On
Lost And Alone   Search The Book Again
More Than Life Stripes For Our Healing
No Excuse Thank God For Our Seniors

Inspirational 3

In God We Trust Unseen Witness

Let Me Tell You About My Saviour

What An Inspiration
Pastors Appreciation What Are You Screaming About?
Take Time To Pray What's This World Coming To?
The Comforter What The Cross Means To Me
These Hands What Will I Do With This Man
This Blood's For You When I Was In Trouble
Time When Things Go Wrong
To Be A Blessing Whose Report
Trouble's A Coming You Walk With Me

Inspirational 2

A Brand New Body No Greater Gift
I Cried Jesus Quietly In A Pew
It's Not Alright Reason To Smile
Jesus Is The Best Friend Remembering Past Victories
Jesus Wept See Him In The Storm
Judge Not Someday
Life - Love = 0 Suddenly Without Warning
Leaves Of Autumn Sun Set
Love Is The Potter's House
Morning Comes This Man Jesus


Inspirational 1
A Dream So Sweet Empty Seats
A Brand New Day Filled Up And Poured Out 
Angel Of Comfort Hate
Angels Stand In Awe He'll Come Walking On The...
A Purpose Help Me Lord To Stand
A Silent God He's Always There For Me
A Wasted Life How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
Bloom Where You Are Planted How Long
Can He Count On Me? If Joy Comes In The Morning
Different I Long To See You Jesus

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