If You Could Turn Back

If you could turn back one more time, 
What do you think you'd do?
Are there times you could of done more,
To help some struggling soul through?

Can you remember times Jesus opened the door,
But you just stayed where you'd been?
If you could turn back now would you go through,
And help someone who's lost out in sin?

Would you have prayed more often,
Read His Holy Word more?
Would you have been more ready,
To open that door?

Would you of made sure not to tread on His Blood,
Precious blood of our Savior so dear?
And would you of walked more closely to Jesus,
Always making sure He was near?

Would you be more careful, of all that you say?
More careful of all that you do,
Would you tell every one He puts in your path,
He'll do for them, what He's done for you.

Don't wait till the end of your journey,
Do it now while there's still time.
People in hell are saying right now,
If I'd turned back one more time,
 Heaven would be mine. 

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   1/14/2005


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This  Set Of Graphics were made for me  by: Graphics By: Dot
Thank you Dot for these beautiful graphics