My Beautiful America

God placed me in America, home of the brave and free.
A beautiful land where I could speak my mind and worship as I please.

Growing up in America was more wonderful that words can say.
Then along came big tech and government and took our freedoms away.

First they started in our schools and refused to let us pray.
Then denied our children the right to honor the US flag on display.

They opened up our borders and let everyone come in.
They ignored the terrorist and criminals, drug trafficking and sexual sins.

Women and girls are tortured, and drugs are killing our kids.
Cartels are selling people, to whomever has the highest bids.

My beautiful America is no longer brave or free.
Corruption and crime is everywhere, it's now what we see.

Nineteen hundred and forty two, I was born in that year
I remember growing up, and those memories are dear.

Oh my beautiful America, I miss you so.
You're just not the same as you were years ago.

May God in His mercy look down on America once more.
And help us to become what we were before.

One Nation Under God!

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   1/30/2023


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