Noah Found Grace

Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord
Though they scorned him to shame.
He believed, and did what God told him to do
And when he finished the rains came.

Try as I may, I cannot imagine
Being cooped up with animals of every kind.
But Noah, righteous man that he was
For God he would walk the line.

People laughed and refused to come aboard
Just the animals, Noah and his family were saved.
The first rain was a doozie to say the least
What a shock it was, when the waters had raised.

Forty days and nights the first storm would last
Thunder, lightning and downpour of rain.
Covering the world, to cleanse and prepare
For a new generation, life would never be the same.

Oh that we all would be as faithful as he
When God speaks to the heart of us.
Just to take Him at his word as he speaks
In Him, to put all of our trust.

As Noah did in days of old
Keep working while it's still day.
And know that whatever God tells us to do
He'll be with us preparing the way.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   5/2011


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