Rapture Of The Saints

Some day, If God will let it be
I'll look to the Eastern skies.
And see Jesus, there on a cloud
With arms outstretched saying, RISE!

Oh what a thrill I feel in my heart
Just to think it could be in my time.
The rapture of the Saints will take place
And our Lord in the sky, we will find.

Our spirits will rise on wings of love
As up through the clouds we will soar.
Light as a feather, happy and in awe
To be with our Lord evermore.

Oh thank you Lord Jesus for making a way
For our souls to be redeemed.
When you went willingly to that old cross
You gave more than I could even dream.

Help me Father to walk in the light
To keep my feet on that straight, narrow way.
And to always sing praises to your name
As I serve you every day.

I love you so much, there's just no words to tell
Of the joy in this heart of mine.
I smile when I think of how gracious you are
How forgiving, how loving, how kind.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon   9/11/2009


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