Some Day

Someday there'll be no sorrow, Someday there'll be no pain
Someday we'll all be young, And healthy once again.

No pain from arthritis, No cataracts to dim your sight
No ruptured disc or spines that curve, Everything will be alright.

No migraines, toothaches, or allergies, No walking with a cane
Not even a little cold sore, It's all back from whence it came.

When we arrive that glorious morn, On Heaven's golden shore
One thing will be certain, We'll feel that pain no more.

There'll be no crippled bodies, Of cancer you'll not hear
There'll be no strokes or heart attacks, For aids there'll be no fear.

No pain will ever enter in, That city bright and fair
And if we live our life for Him, Someday we'll all live there.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon 


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