Take Time To Pray

I awoke this morning and jumped right out of bed
I've a million things to do today, at least that's what I said.

I never took the time to pray or read your Word so true
I forgot just for a moment that I'm nothing without you.

Lord, my life is worthless, if for you I do not live
Nothing works out right unless my time to you I give.

Help me to never get so busy that I forget to pray
And take the time to read your word every single day.

If I say a hurtful word I could just as easily smile
Instead of making someone sad I could walk with them a mile.

Lord, in myself I m so weak but strong in your loving hand
Help me Lord to do the things that keep me in your plan.

Copyright:  Carrie Kinyon  6/29/2008


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Thank you Dot for these beautiful graphics