67 Years Old!



67 Years Old!  

Sixty seven, it seems so old!
But I still feel much younger.
I just can't believe I've lived that long
I feel like I'm my own mother.

When I hear music and dance around
Or go to the gym with my man.
I feel like I'm only thirty nine.
I'll stay young as long as I can.

But on mornings when it takes an hour or more
Just to get this old body movin'.
I know Father Time is taking a toll
And I can't do very much groovin'.

That difficult age between young and old
Sometime "old" gets the best of me.
Then days I look and feel pretty good
And see just how young I can be.

But old or young, feeling good or bad
A difference it does not make.
God gives each day and I accept
What He has for me, I will take.

So on this birthday I'll try to remember
Each day is a blessing from God above
And I'll get along in this life very well
As long as my heart's filled with His love.

(67th. birthday is 9/26/09)
Song  by my good friend: Joyce Close. 

Carrie Kinyon 9/11/2009