Jeanette Hess, The Mess!

There's a young woman, my sister in law.
With the prettiest red hair, that you ever saw.
There's just one thing wrong, with Jeanette Hess.
She always thinks, that she's a mess.

She works all day and half the night.
Sometimes she's up working when it gets daylight.
She hates her hair, says her body's a wreck,
And when you go visit, she says, "OH HECK"!

I should of cleaned up this awful old place,
There's dust all around, and dirt on my face.
Her beds are all made, the house is quite straight,
But just be patient, and sit there and wait.

She'll find something dirty, cause she'll really try.
As she grabs for a dust rag, you'll hear her sigh.
This awful old place is really a mess,
You're just a nut, but I love you Jeanette Hess!

by Carrie in the 70's. 

My sister-in-law, Jeanette is married to my brother Claude,
 they have a son Stanley who is a preacher and they have a singing group, 
made up of Claude, Stanley and his wife Sandy. 
 They sing for the Lord! I'm so proud of them.