A Prayer For Larry  


As I bow my head in prayer
Father, knowing that you're there
To hear me when I humbly say
Bless my husband, every day.

We have to be apart for a little while
But God I know that he's your child
So keep him healthy, happy and safe
Help us to live on love and faith.

When he returns and we're together
Keep our love deep and strong forever
If we put you first in all we do
Then our love will be blessed, Father by you.

I thank you Lord for sending him my way
For the love we feel every day
I know this is right, it can only be
That you made him especially for me.

May I always be the very best wife
He could ever want in this life
Just to bring him happiness and cheer
May we always, together, keep you near.


by Carrie Kinyon 
1/9/ 2000 

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