For Your Birthday

I remember so well the day we met 
It seems like yesterday.
I saw you through the window 
And wondered what I'd say.

As I sat there at the table 
Time seemed to stand still.
You smiled at me and then I knew 
That this was REALLY real!!!

The time had come for us to meet 
And look into each other's heart. 
I knew right then you were more than a friend
And that we'd never part.

I thank God every single day 
For this love He has imparted.
For that day we met at Wendy's 
And the new life that we started.

This is my special birthday gift 
To show how much I care.
My darling every time you need me 
Just know that I'll be there.

Happy Birthday, with love from your wife.

Carrie Kinyon Sept. 9, 2004