I Appreciate You Honey

I wish that I could put into words
Just how I feel about you.
 My heart beats faster when I think
Of all the things you do.
You loved me when I was unlovable
When my life was falling apart
 And even though I didn't deserve it
You gave to me your heart.

You put up with all my crazy moods
And never do you complain.
No matter what I say to you
You love me just the same.
You work so hard to keep bills paid
And buy the things we need.
When I try saying thank you
You say, that's the way it should be.

I love you more with every year
I hope I've been a good wife.
 I'll try my best to make you happy
Today and for the rest of my life.

I probably never say it enough
But I appreciate all you do
And on this your birthday 
I give all my love to you.


 Happy Birthday Honey
I love you!
Carrie Kinyon 9/9/08


Song: Love And Marriage
Vocal: Frank Sinatra

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