I Walked Alone Again Today 


 I walked alone again today, as I've done in the past
 Hopes and dreams, they always come, but seems they never last.

 I thought we'd walk together, hand in hand around this lake
Instead I walked alone again, my heart will surely break.

 I spoke your name into the wind, and  hoped  somehow  you'd hear
Through tears and smiles, across the miles and know I'm waiting here.

As I watch the rippling water, the sun glistening on the lake
I wonder if you're somewhere too, your heart about to break.

"What if” we'd met and fell in love, how good our life could be
Do you ever wonder what "might of been" when you think of me? 

 I walked alone again today, so lonely, sad and blue
With every step that I took, I was thinking about you.

by Carrie Kinyon   1999


 Top picture is not a part of ACW Graphics (picture: Berwind Lake, in WV.  Carrie Kinyon)

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