The Day We Met




Remembering The Day We Met

In late December, nineteen and ninety nine
We met in person for the very first time.
We'd been email friends for a couple of years
We'd shared our dreams, shared smiles and tears.

We knew each other, well before we met
But I knew something serious was lacking yet.
I hadn't seen your smile, or felt your touch
But the moment we met, I knew I loved you so much.

That day in December, I met not only my best friend,
But the man of my dreams, I knew our lives would blend.
A few days later, you made me your wife
Eight years have passed, and you're still the love of my life.

I can't imagine my life without you
Without your sweet love, what would I do?
We know each other so well, we make each other complete
I'm so glad for that day in December, when we decided to meet.

Happy 8th. Anniversary Honey!
I love you! 

Carrie Kinyon




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