Be Watching 

For Me, 




It seems like yesterday, you were here with me.
The pain of losing you, is as it was when I did see
Your eyes close in death, as Jesus took you home,
Leaving me in grief, I felt so alone.

You were the best mom, a girl could of ever had
And when God took you home, it left me so sad.
You were not only my mother, but also my best friend.
In spirit you are with me now, and will be until life's end.

On this anniversary of the day that you died.
I remember so clearly how much I cried.
But I know your in heaven, healthy and young,
Be watching for me mom, I fully intend to come.

When God is finished with me, in this life below
And when He calls me home and to heaven I go,
Look for me mom, I can't wait to see your face
I know you'll be waiting anxiously, holding me a place.

Written in memory of my precious mother.
Born 2/29/1910  Died 12/13/1993

by Carrie Kinyon    12/13/2005


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