Mama, On My Mind

my precious mama, Lillie Hess



Mama's been on my mind,
So much these last few days.
Remembering her kindness,
And all her gentle ways.
There's never been one more humble,
And full of Christian love,
She taught me about Jesus
And how blessing comes from above.

Mama lived a simple life.
Always helping every one.
And when she found herself in need
She called on God's own Son.

He never failed her even once.
On Him she could depend.
She called on Him for everything,
Until her life on earth would end.

I remember how she lay there,
Cancer ridden and in pain,
How Jesus came to take her home,
As she called His precious name.

Now that same Jesus cares for me.
I learned from one so dear,
That if I'd call upon Him
I'd always find Him near.

by Carrie Kinyon Sept. 17,2003  


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