Mama's Hands

My Mom: Lillie Hess



There's so many wonderful things
I remember about my mother.
But the memories of her hands,
Are above all the others.

Those precious, hard working hands,
So much cooking and cleaning.
But those precious hands,
Gave my live so much meaning.

I remember how those hands calmed me
When I'd had a bad dream.
And how soothing was her touch,
When others would treat me mean.

She'd place cold cloths upon my brow
When I lay there in pain and fear.
Those hands would bandage up a cut,
Then they'd wipe away a tear.

I've seen those hands folded in prayer
And lifted up to praise Jesus name.
Because of Mama's hands
My life will never be the same.

Even as she lay, drawing her last breaths
I  cried, though she could see,
With tears rolling down my face
Those hands reached out to comfort to me.

Lord, I thank you for Mama's hands
A mother's touch so true.
How they guided me along through life,
And prepared me to meet you.

by Carrie Kinyon  2/15/2005  

Mom and Carrie

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