Missing Mother


Missing Mother

I think about Mother, especially in May
As time gets closer to another Mother's Day.
God took her, to a beautiful home
I miss her so, since she's been gone.

When I'm missing Mother I smile
But sometimes I cry.
I remember how she cared for me
As the years were passing by.

If you are blessed to have your mom
With you every passing day.
Never fail to show your love
For her in every way.

A Mother's love is the closest thing
To God's love here on earth.
She'll sacrifice with un-dying love
From the day of your birth.

Praise the Lord for Mother's love
For her prayers throughout the years.
For the calloused knees that she received
Where she shed a million tears.

So while I'm missing Mother
If you're blessed to have yours near.
When she wants to talk to you
Please take the time to hear.

© Carrie Kinyon  2011

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