Mom's Birthday In Heaven

It's been so long Mom, since you went away.
But to me, it seems like only yesterday.

I miss you more and more with each day that passes by
I look at your picture, and still, I sometimes cry.

I remember past birthdays, we'd make so special and fun
Just to see the look of surprise as you opened gifts, each one.

I think about the good times, how you'd sing as you went about your day
I miss your smile, your touch, and your loving, tender ways.

As you celebrate your birthday in heaven this year
I hope you know I miss you so, and am wishing you were here.

So celebrate with Jesus, Mom.  Enjoy every second of your time
As I think of all the Mom's on earth, I'm so glad that you were mine.

Happy Birthday in heaven, Mom.  I miss you so much.

Carrie Kinyon -  Feb.28, 2016