Mother's Day In Heaven

Mother's Day in heaven
Must be so wonderful for you
But Mother's Day without you
Is so hard for me to do.

I know you're there with Jesus
And I wouldn't wish you back
You lived your life to be with Him
And that's just a real, hard fact.

I've never learned to live without you
You're with me in spirit and love
I think of you every day
Since you've been with Jesus above.

I hope I did you proud
When you were living in this world
I hope you always loved to say
Carrie...  That's My Girl!

Carrie Kinyon   5/1/ 2008

Lillie M. Hess

My mom went home to be with her Lord Dec. 13, 1993. I think of her every single day. The best mother anyone could have.

In Front: Mom
Left to Right: Roger, Gene, Mary, Carrie, Pete
5 of her 11 children.

Polly and Mom

Claude and Mom

Deceased children: Bob, Matt, James, Ann, Mary, Pete, Claude


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