Mother's Smile



Mother's Day will soon be here
And as I sit and think of you
I can see the smile upon your face
I remember it from my whole life through.

I'm sure it's more lovely than it's ever been
Since you're at home with Jesus above
I can just imagine how happy you are
As you bask in His wonderful love.

You spent your whole life preparing for
The time you'd be with Him forever
I miss you so much, but I'm glad you're with Jesus
And one day we'll be there together.

When I think of what I remember the most
About a mother so wonderful and kind,
I know it's your smile, and I hope someday
I'll be remembered for mine.

Carrie Kinyon    4/9/ 2008


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Remembering my precious mother.
How I miss her since she went home to be with the Lord.
I know she's still smiling.