Mom and Carrie


My Mom


She was born in February
In nineteen hundred and ten.
Her parents never had a clue
Of how she'd turn out back then.

She became a wife and mother
It was her choice to stay at home.
She cared for dad and eleven children
Never had a desire to roam.

Pain and hardships she endured
Without complaint throughout the years.
She did her suffering in silence
She must of shed a million tears.

She was the neighborhood "granny"
To know her was to love her.
No matter where I go or who I meet,
There's never one above her.

So blessed to be her daughter
She was also my best friend.
She's at home now with Jesus
But I'll see her once again.

When my life on earth has ended
And if the crown of life I've won.
We'll stroll down the streets of glory
With God's own precious son.

by Carrie Kinyon  2/24/2004


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