My Cousin Terry Lee

Terry Lee...  then

I'm happy I found you on the internet
Well actually, you found me.
The son of a favorite relative
My cousin, Terry Lee.

Though we haven't met in about 50 years
The kinship bond is strong.
And with the technology of internet
This friendship will be life long.

A sensitive man, sentimental and kind
A lot like your mom, you see.
I'm so thankful I'm getting to know you
My cousin, Terry Lee.

A family man with a heart of gold
Your music and humor, I love
You've come back into my life
And for that I thank God above.

So cousin it's nice after all these years
To make your acquaintance again.
Even if we did have to meet
Way out there in Cyber land.


Terry Lee .....   Now  

by Carrie Kinyon  Oct.  2005