My Sister And Me

So long ago there were two little girls
As different as night and day.
We played together and shared a room
Then we grew up and went our own way.

Over the years we've had our fights
We never agreed on too much.
But somewhere deep within our heart
There's a place only a sister can touch.

That place now is empty as she prepares to leave
 God is calling her home.
She's going to a better place
Where on streets of gold she can roam.

Lord give her a welcome as she enters in
With an angel band and fanfare.
Tell her I'm coming one of these days
And I will meet her there.

She's never going to hurt again
She'll never struggle again just to breathe.
She'll never have to depend on others
To care for her every need.

She'll be in the arms of her loving Savior
The best place anyone could be.
Someday we'll walk by that crystal river
Arm in arm, my sister Mary and me.

Carrie, Rev. Beiber, Mary 1972



Carrie Kinyon  5/16/ 2008