Josh Denny, high school graduation


 The Graduate!

It's finally here, this awaited day,
You've waited for so long.
To proudly walk across that stage,
They're finally playing your song.

College life will soon begin,
You'll be out on your own.
Making decisions each way you turn,
You'll finally be leaving home.

Anticipation of what lies ahead,
Face life with courage and a prayer.
Always know this, you are not alone
For God is everywhere.

No longer a boy, you've become a man,
So spread your wings and fly.
But never forget the family that loves you,
Just say so long, not good bye.

Congratulations Josh!  My prayers are with you 
as you start your  journey into adulthood.
I love you!  Aunt Carrie.

by Carrie Kinyon 2003