They Saw You In Me


They Saw You In Me


Oh Sis, you'd be so very proud

Of the way your kids have grown.

I went to see them this week end

And so much love was shown.


I listened as your Jimmy prayed

He showed so much respect.

And for his love of God and family

There was absolutely no neglect.


Sheila's just as beautiful and sweet

As she was when you were here.

And Randy's smile lights up the room

When his grand baby is near.


I wish you could of been with me

To see how far they've come.

They saw so much of you in me

You'd think the two of us were one.


And Bob, well he's just the same

Easy going as he's always been.

He loves you just as much now, Sis

As he did way back then.


They all miss you so very much

I'm glad they could see you in me.

It made them feel a little closer to you

When they spent time with me.


I miss you Sis!


Carrie Kinyon

May 18, 2014