Your New Address


Your New Address

I wanted to send you a birthday card
But I didn't know where to send it.
You don't live here any more
But Heaven's brighter with you in it.

Maybe I could send it to
Seventy seven Glory land Road.
In the city of New Jerusalem
For that is your new abode.

I think of you so very much
But especially the twenty first of May
The day you came into this world
And I'm sad that you couldn't stay.

A year and a half apart were we
And we had our ups and downs.
But if anyone was hurting me
It stopped when you were around.

I love you Claude, I always have
Even when miles apart.
Whatever happened, where ever you were
You were always in my heart.

© Carrie Kinyon  5/21/2010

In Memory Of My Brother
Claude Hess

Song: Build My Home
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