A Prayer For Dan

My Heavenly Father, most gracious and kind,
Have mercy on a friend of mine.
His name is Dan, you know the one.
He say's he'd met your beloved son.

He was born again, and he says he tries,
Father he prays, but he never cries.
He needs a touch of your teaching skill,
Teach him patience, if you will.

Show him the way of humility and grace,
Take the hate from his heart, and put love in it's place.
Put a tear in his eyes, for those less blessed,
And when he gives, may he give his best.

Give him understanding beyond his dreams,
Teach him what Christianity really means.
Burden his heart for souls that are lost,
And for salvation, no matter what the cost.

Bring him to his knees with longing so great, 
He'll beg for mercy before it's too late.

@  Carrie Kinyon / early 70's    

This was written for a man who claimed to be a Christian but showed no signs of it.
He went to church and gave his money and thought that was all he needed to 
get to Heaven.  He was a cruel man but he had gone through the act of repentance
once in his life and thought he could do anything and still make it in. I hope somewhere
along the way he really found the Lord as his Saviour.