Birthday For A King, And Mom


She celebrates her birthday
On heaven's golden shore
Walking hand in hand with Jesus
Now and for ever more.

Tomorrow they will celebrate His
A party for a King
She'll join in with the Angels
And praises to Him sing.

Among the guests there's Abraham
David, John and Paul.
Peter, James and Matthew
Too many to name them all.

Oh what a celebration
Upon those street's of gold
And mom is right there in the midst
This wonder to behold!

In honor of Mom Bailey's birthday on Dec. 24th.
And the birthday of Jesus Dec. 25th.

They celebrate together.


If either of them had a message for us on this day
It might be:  Click Here for message

This song is sung by Mary Osborne, Please do not copy this music file, It is used only for this page in memory Of her mother, not meant to infringe upon any copyrights. This site realizes no monetary gain from this file and strongly urge you to purchase the original music of the artists.

  Carrie Kinyon  12/24/2005  


(Only the backgrounds are by Penny Parker)