Crossing Over


Mary Osborne With Mom
Carrie With Mom Bailey


So small and frail, this precious one
Her life quickly slipping away.
I watch with tears and wonder
Lord, could this be the day?

She's lived a lifetime loving you,
with just one thing in mind.
Her heart's desire is to be face to face
With her Saviour for all time.

Lord please don't let her suffer
Don't let her linger here in pain.
She's ready to cross over, Lord
She's calling out your name.

Lord help her crossing over,
Make her transition smooth and sweet.
She whispers, Lord I'm ready
My journey here is complete.

So fill her room with angels, Lord
To take her gently ore.
Her troubles all behind her,
With Jesus, forevermore.


by Carrie Kinyon 6/19/ 2005