Fill Her Cup Once More


Fill Her Cup Once More

Dear Jesus, I watch as her sight grows dim
And see her stumble along.
There's no one but caregivers and strangers to care
Her family are all long gone.

She's ninety one, almost ninety two
Sometimes she sees not a thing.
But she has you Lord to guide her way
For you are her Lord and her King.

I sit in her room so dimly lit
And I see her hand reach up.
She says not a word that I can hear
But I know she's asking you to fill up her cup.

Lord, when her sight first started to dim
Her cup was full all of the time.
Then Macular Degeneration took it's toll
Now her cup is empty, at least in her mind.

Would you fill up her cup Lord, one more time
Before she leaves this world below,
Would you open her eyes so she can see
How to walk, without walking so slow?

Would you let her see Robin's face and mine clearly
Please Lord,  if only just one time
So she can see the love that shines
So brightly in our eyes, both in Robin's and in mine.

Then when you take her home she'll know
She's had real love and care.
She can wait for us to join her
For one day, we too will be there.

© Carrie Kinyon  March 15, 2010

Song: Fill My Cup Lord
Vocal: Marjie Reece
Words and Music
by Richard Blanshard

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