For Lucy

Lucy (in wheel chair) and Mom



This little bell will summons help
When things aren't going right.
The chime will bring in Cliff or Cil
Any time, day or night.

If it's late and you haven't eaten
Or if your pillow needs a beatin'
Or if you need your potty chair,
Just give a ring and they'll be there.

If your hair need's a fixin'
Or you need someone, to give a lis'n
Give a tug on your little bell
Someone will come, and all will be well.

If you want someone, to say a prayer
Or hold your hand and just be there.
Give your bell, just one little ring
It will accomplish, many a thing.

Just a small gift, not much to speak of,
But it's given to you with all my love.

Carrie Kinyon 1975  


This poem was written for my mom's best friend Lucy Music 
after she had a stroke  and was confined to her bed until her death.