Friends Forevermore!


Friends Forevermore

It was the first day of school
In the year nineteen and twenty four.
Two little girls met, Lois and Hazel
They would be friends forevermore.

They were together through grade school
Graduated High school at the same time.
And all through the years
Their hearts were intertwined.

Lois stayed home with her mother
For fifty plus years.
Hazel fell in love and married
She left town in tears.

But they talked on the phone
Every day through the years.
That they'd never meet again
Was both of their fears.

But God in His mercy
After eighty six years of being best friends.
Brought them back together
To be close, till their life's end.

Both old now and in assisted living
Like teens they giggle and talk for hours.
A story that could of ended sad
God made it happy through His Holy power.

They'll spend their last years together
Though both are sick and old.
They have each other to lean on
This story of friendship, ends happy when all is told.

© Carrie Kinyon  2010



Lois & Hazel: age 92 ( With Jerry Rutledge)
Walnut Ridge Assisted Living
Walnut Cove, NC

Song: Build My Home
Music is strictly for your listening pleasure
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