Gloria's her name and poetry's her game. 
We met online and life hasn't been the same.
She calls just to talk and lift spirit's high
I know we'll meet each other bye and bye.

She loves the Lord and writes for Him
Of how He loves us and forgives us our sin.
She writes of her true love, his name is Tim
She writes of our friendship and how it begin.

Children always have a lot of her heart
From her kids and grandkids she will never part.
Her poems of abuse will bring tears to your eyes
Her words about God will make you look to the skies.

She's very patriotic, loves the U. S. of A
She doesn't hesitate, if asked she will say.
Love it or leave it, that's the way it has to be
Gloria's her name, she's a good friend to me.



    by Carrie Kinyon 8/31/03