Heartfelt From Me To You

This poem is late in coming,
But it's heartfelt from me to you
You've always been so kind to me
 In everything you do.

You've written so many wonderful things
 About our meeting online.
And I thank God for people in my life
 Who are so very kind.

It makes me happy to read all the poems
You've written especially for me.
You've shown me how special
Internet friends can be.

I want you to know that I admire
The woman you are today,
 God's love in you shines brightly
It shows in everything you say.

The talent you share so freely
And the heart so full of love.
 Could only be because your life
Is directed by God above.

God bless you Gloria, and thank you for being my friend.
With lots of Love,  Carrie

Carrie Kinyon 1/1/09


Song: Touch Your People Once Again
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