In Memory Of Jessie

I'm so glad I got to meet you Jessie, 
Before Jesus took you home.
But you'll be missed so very much, 
Now that to your heavenly home you've gone.

I could see the sweetness of your spirit
The way you loved the Lord with all your heart.
Now you've gone to live with Him forever
Never again to be apart.

No more  wondering who and where you are
Only peace and happiness and love.
Strolling along side the river of life
And walking streets of gold in Heaven above.

Forever now to be with Jesus
Where you've always longed to be.
If we keep our hearts clean and pure
One day there with you we'll be.

Verna, know you're not alone
So many people love and care.
When you need someone to lean on
Just call and we'll be there.

But I know you my dear friend
When the going gets too hard bear.
You always count on Jesus
For us all, He's always there.

With much love in this time of loss.

In Memory of Jessie Williams
Home going: Jan. 4, 2009

Carrie Kinyon 1/6/2009


Song:  Just A Little Bit Higher
Written by: Ken Ferguson (Also gone home)
Used with permission