Let Me Sing


Just new in town
Didn't know my way around
Looking for a church to attend
When I found it, I found a friend.

Before long, the choir I was leading
Someone to talk to, I was needing
There she was, a smile on her face
As in the choir she took her place.

Could I please sing with you?
It's something no one else lets me do
They say my voice is not too strong
Oh, but In my heart, there is a song.

My name is Wanda and if you'll let me sing
I promise I won't ask for another thing
Just let me sing praises to my King
All I want to do is sing.

Surprisingly, she sang so well
She was singing to Him, I could tell
A wonderful friend I made that day
And forever, friends we'll stay.

Carrie Kinyon 2001 


This is my little choir in 1991, Wanda is 4th. from the right in the back row.
I am of course, playing the guitar.