My Close Friend




My Close Friend

You are my friend,  very Close are we
My friend Joyce,  so dear to me.

You send me pictures of snow and ice.
You write me poems of how you think I'm nice.

I was so blessed that very first day
When you wrote that first email and sent it my way.

Everything you do, you do it out of love
It shows in your words, and He reads it from above.

God is listening every time you sing a song
That you've written out of love, you've had for Him for so long.

He knows when you write something to lift my spirits high
And when you do me a painting,  how out of  love, I cry. 

A friend like you is a blessing from above
And I thank God every day for your friendship and love.

Thank you Joyce, for being my friend.
Even if only emails keep us Close!


Carrie Kinyon  12/30/2008

(For my friend Joyce Close)


 Song: So Much To Thank Him For
Vocal: Carrie

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