My Little Sis



My Little Sis


I'm so proud of the way you've stood up
And learned to take care of yourself
When things seemed hopeless you hung in there
And you're making it, with God's help.

What a difference you made in this life of mine
When I was alone and in need.
You never hesitated to give of your best
Now when you're in need I will heed.

I won't forget how you offered me a hand
When I was down and out.
You didn't give it a second thought
You said, this is what Christianity is about.

So If I've failed to let you know
How I really feel about you.
Please know that I'm so very proud
To call you my sis, and proud of all that you do.

I love you little sis!

Carrie Kinyon  4/28/ 2008