Praying For You


 I was praying for you this morning
As I took my morning walk
The sun was shining brightly
As to Our Father I did talk.

I asked Him to watch over you
To hold you in his Hand
To give you peace and comfort
And let you know you are in His great plan.

You're my brother and I'm thinking of you
As you climb your way up this hill
Let me offer these words of comfort
As you submit to His perfect will.

Just know He's as close as your heartbeat
As His strong arms hold you so tight
He will walk with you every morning
And give you peace and rest through the night.

You're so precious to our heavenly Father 
The stripes on His back were for you.
And when he sees that you need Him
There's no end to the things He will do.

So Dan, just hold on to Jesus
Trust Him for your every need.
We know that He is all powerful
And your prayers He will always heed.

  Carrie Kinyon   4/21/ 2008