60 Years Of Marital Bliss

When we were young and in our prime
All we had was love and time.
We built our lives on love and grace
In our home, God had His place.

We put Him first and he blessed us much
We couldn't of made it without His touch.
He saw us through those early years
We built our home with fun and tears.

Of troubles and woes, we've had our share
But through it all, Our God was there.
He gave us love, music, laughter and tears
He brought us through these sixty years.

Our family and friends have been so dear
Through the years, we've kept them near.
Our love grows stronger and deeper with time
I am yours Jessie, and you are mine.

Our love will last throughout eternity
We'll walk those golden streets together, you and me.
As on this earth we've walked together
We'll walk those streets in Heaven forever.

Jessie & Verna Williams
60th. Anniversary April 9, 2008

Carrie Kinyon  3/18/ 2008