Take Time


Take time to grieve, Take time to cry.
Go outside and look toward the sky
Know she's there, in Heaven above.
Where there's no pain or sorrow, only peace and love.

To lose your mother is the saddest thing
But it helps to know she's with her Lord and King.
And that one day, when the whole story is told
You'll walk with her down those streets of gold.

Imagine the thrill when Jesus you meet
And the crowns you've won, you've cast at His feet.
Then when you're walking by the waters so clear
A voice so sweet, behind you, you'll hear.

Just turn around quickly, she'll welcome you home
Never more in this old world to roam.
No more sad days, no more tears to cry
In that wonderful place called The Sweet Bye And Bye.

©  Carrie Kinyon  3/13/2010

Written for Yvonne Rutledge with love.
May God bless and comfort you in the loss of your Mother.

Song:  In The Sweet Bye And Bye
Vocal: Sara Evans
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