It seems so long since we started to correspond 
Through emails and on the phone.
Now it's only a few short days away
And you'll be here, in my home.

I'm so excited I can hardly wait
For the moment you step off that plane.
Time will fly by and before we know it
I'll be saying, "I'm so very glad you came."

But meanwhile we'll sit up late, and eat too much
I'll show you the sights in our town.
Maybe next time I can come to your house
And you can show me around.

So I'm praying for you, treasured friend of mine
For angels sent straight from God above.
To bring you safely on your journey here
On the wings of His sweet,  abiding love.

Written for Gloria Collins
Love ya girlfriend.

Carrie Kinyon 4/6/2009

  Midi: I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane