The Music Goes On

Memorial For Ken 

A man who served his country proudly, who loved his family deeply.
A man who loved and served God with every beat of his heart.
A man loved by so many people they cannot be numbered.
His web site has touched hundreds of thousands of people.
His music has encouraged  and blessed people for years.
And the Music goes on.

To Chrissy: With Love

God will give you strength when you need it
He'll carry you when you can't walk.
He'll be your shoulder to lean on
He'll be there when you need to talk.

Through the lonely nights when you're crying
He'll dry up all your tears.
He'll remind you of how He's been with you
And gave you happiness for many long years.

He was with you and Ken through the good times
He saw you through all of the bad.
He gave you His precious Son Jesus
The greatest gift anyone ever had.

So He'll walk with you now, though you're hurting
He understands your pain and your fear
He'll guide you gently, and protect you
He'll be there to dry every tear.

Ken has two good legs now to walk on
His  heart and his lungs, healthy and  strong
He's still seen with a pad and pencil
Writing those heavenly songs.

So live your life and be happy
Your Ken would want it that way
While he enjoys his newfound freedom
For him, it's a glorious day.

And Jesus will comfort and keep you
Though your heart is breaking into
There's so much here on earth to be finished
So much left for you to do.

But on that day when your journey has ended
And those pearly gates you walk through.
You'll see Ken, standing there with Jesus
Together they wait for you.

Carrie Kinyon 
Written for Chrissy Ferguson, 
With much love.

Song: Just A Little Bit Higher
Written and copyrighted by:
Ken Ferguson. Please do not copy.