My Friend Verna Lea

I moved to a new place, Left all my friends behind,
I couldn't get adjusted, Cried most of the time.

I felt so out of place, Never seemed to fit in,
So much time I spent alone, What I needed was a friend.

One day while out walking, Trying to stay fit.
I met a lady along the way, She wanted someone to walk with.

We started talking over coffee, And spending time together.
I do believe I've found friendship, That might just last forever.

Her name is Verna Lea, As nice a friend as you could find.
I've heard friends are forever, And I'm so glad she's mine.

Written for Verna Lea, a friend that has shown
me much kindness, and made my new home a
much nicer place to be.

    by Carrie Kinyon