Christmas Teddy



Teddy sits beneath the tree
Every year about this time.
He watches over all the gifts
While memories flood his mind.

It was one cold Iowa Christmas
Wrapped in paper with ribbons bright.
Placed underneath the tree for all to see
 A little boy cried out in delight.

Carried around by the little boy
Dangling from one ear.
Never once was he concerned
The little boy wouldn't ever be near.

A true companion and constant friend
To the boy through out the years.
Teddy was there to play with him
And soothe him through his tears.

The little boy then started to school
Other playmates and friends he found.
Teddy just watched from a distance
For loneliness he was bound.

Finally placed in a closet
No companion and nothing to do.
Like the bear that he was, he went to sleep
And the time then fairly flew.

Tossed around from box to box
The boys mom couldn't throw him away.
Then she passed on to her reward
Teddy had no place to stay.

The boy's Dad, going through her things
Found Teddy, so lonely and blue.
He wrapped him up, sent him on his way
The note said, "Son, I'm sending Teddy home to you."

No longer lonely, no longer blue
His life now has reason.
Happy and content to sit under the tree
Keeping watch through the Holiday season.


Carrie Kinyon  Dec. 14, 2013