Little Christmas Tree



As I sit and watch your twinkling lights
I remember all the other nights
I sat and watched you in years gone by
I remember those times and sometimes I cry.

I recall the day he bought you for me
My little artificial Christmas tree.
He knew he'd be gone before another year would pass
So he bought me a Christmas tree he knew would last.

He went to heaven, before Christmas that year
As I decorated you, I shed many a tear
For twelve years now, you've served me well
If you could talk, Oh the stories you could tell.

Of my grief and tears, and broken life
How over the years I've overcome strife
I missed him so much, life wasn't the same
But after years of heartache, new love came

You stand in the corner, so beautifully trimmed
You don't even know, this year marks the end.
It's time for us to have our own tree together
So my little Christmas tree, you'll soon be gone forever.

But don't you worry, and don't you fear
There will always be someone that wants you near.
Your lights again will twinkle, your ornaments will glow
Someone who loves Christmas will choose you I know

So when I take you to Goodwill, don't you be sad
Just because a chapter closes doesn't make the book bad.
Another chapter will open, you'll serve someone else well
And before you know it, you'll have new stories to tell.

Carrie Kinyon  11/23/2005 


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