Mom's Angel

A most Special Holiday Moment

The most special thing happened today.  Larry and I went to visit with a couple from church, we were enjoying good conversation and some coffee and cake .  Lon and Dan are always fun to spend time with. 

Their tree was beautiful, included in the decorations were  a lot of white crocheted angels and bells.  I was sitting there remembering a very special angel that I placed on my Christmas tree for several years after mom died. 

A lady from her church made it for her after she was so sick she was in  a hospital bed, and brought it to her.  I left it sitting in her room where she could see it until she died on Dec. 13th. then I  put it away.  Every Christmas season I'd carefully remove the tissue paper and place it on the tree.  It always brought back such good memories of my Mom.

After we moved to NC, the first place we lived was a small trailer and the only place to store things was in an out building, so the Christmas stuff was stored in there and when I took it out the following Christmas, the little white angel was all brown and ruined.  I cried when I had to put it in the trash.

Dan left the room for a minute and came back and handed me one of those angels and it was just like mom's and I absolutely lost it.  I cried so hard I was almost sobbing.  I said, "does kleen-ex come with the angel?"  When I got control of myself I told them the story of my Mom's angel.  Dan said, "Now, your mom just restored her angel and this is from her and not us."  After a while he went to their tree and took off one of the bells and brought it to me and said, "Since the angel is from your Mom, this is from Lon and me."  Now isn't that about the sweetest thing you ever heard?  I was so touched.

I came home and placed the angel on our tree and sat awhile, remembering the one that used to be there every Christmas for a several years after my Mom went home to be with the Lord.  Now once again, Mom's angel will be on our tree every Christmas.

Thanks Dan and Lon for this most precious gift.

Carrie Kinyon 12/16/2008

Song: Angels We Have Heard On High
Vocal: Carrie