Can He Count On Me? 


When someone is needed, a lost soul to find.
When He calls out names, can He count on mine?
Am I willing to fight, in His army so true,
Can He count on me, can He count on you?

There is no doubt,  Jesus is my friend.
In every situation, I can count on Him.
But I wonder if there are times, that He looks at me,
And wonder's when I'll open my eyes, and really begin to see.

That He wants to be able, to count on me.
To walk in His will, and be what He wants me to be.
He wants to count on me, my church to attend,
And to always be faithful to Him to the end.

When every one else has let me down
There's always one that can make a smile from a frown.
When I need healing, He has a healing touch
He proves time and again that He loves me so much.

I can count on Him, to bring me through,
Grief and sorrow when I know not what to do.
When burdens are heavy, when finances are low
I can count on Him, to know which way to go.

I can count on Him to meet my every need,
But when He calls on me, will His voice I heed?
It's time to get serious, on this path that we trod.
I'll work for night's coming, You can count on me, God.

Carrie Kinyon  May 16, 2004