I Cried Jesus

I fell to my knees and cried Jesus,
More words, I just couldn't say.
But when He saw the pain in my heart
He made me anew that day.

I'd been sinking in sin and in darkness
And emptiness I could not control,
Then the wonderful hand of mercy,
Reached down for me to hold.

I held onto the hand of Jesus
And said Lord, I've sinned against thee,
I wanted to come to you sooner,
But sin's had a hold on me.

This burden's too heavy to carry,
And I'm growing weaker each day.
With your precious blood, won't you cleanse me,
Be my Lord and show me the way.

Then Jesus so tenderly held me
In His arms of love so divine,
I knew without doubt in that moment,
That this precious Saviour was mine.

  Carrie Kinyon